• The Fantastic Flukes of Sea Angels

      A Thousand Word Photo Essay

      Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), our much-loved migratory species, display, like other whales, unique patterns of pigmentation, trailing edges and scars on their flukes that are unique to each whale, much like fingerprints are to humans.

    • Whale Muggings

      an unforgetttable experience

      When one hears the word ‘mugging’, it doesn’t conjure up particularly good thoughts, unless you go whale watching, in which case you want nothing more than to get mugged…by a whale.

    • Ocean Odyssey’s Rock Star Women

      National Women's Month

      August is definitely a time for celebration. Not only are we at the height of an incredible whale-watching season, but also National Women’s Month is in full swing, and whilst there are without doubt many stellar men in our midst, I am going to use this occasion to honour all the rock-star women in the

    • A Whale’s Trail

      Slick Waters of their 'Footprints'

      Tracking whales in the wild is not that easy in the deep, dark waters of our Indian Ocean. But it is this unpredictability of wild encounters that makes whale watching so exciting; that constant scanning of the horizon in anticipation for the tell-tale signs of whale activity.

    • An extraordinary sighting

      Miracle of Nature

      It was late in the afternoon on Wednesday and Grant was sent to go and spot for one of our whale watching trips. Peering through his very powerful binoculars, he quickly noticed a pod of dolphins close to the shoreline of Brenton on Sea.

    • The Show Must Go On


      It was surreal going out to sea this week in the hopes of seeing one or two migratory whales pass by. To be on such an immense body of water while our Greater Knysna area still smouldered in the distance seemed to me like some kind of cruel joke. I sat there wishing that I could scoop up some of the water from this deep liquid landscape and douse our parched, burnt terrestrial realm that so desperately needs a good soaking.

    • Kids Learn about our Earth’s Blue Heart

      World Oceans Day 2017

      June 8th is observed annually as World Oceans Day – a day dedicated to the blue heart of our planet. The aim of this global event is to pique people’s understanding about the importance of a healthy marine environment.

    • World Environment Day 2017

      Save our Seas

      Today, June 5th is World Environment Day, and now, more than ever before, we all need to be mindful of how our daily habits impact on the health of our planet. “Connecting People to Nature”, the theme for World Environment Day 2017, implores people to get outdoors and reconnect with the natural world, to recognise […]

    • Easy Riders

      An Eco-Tourism Adventure

      Cycling is a great way to explore Knysna, as one gets to see so much more than when travelling in a vehicle. But lets be honest, not everyone is amped to burn a gazillion sweaty calories just so that they can take in all the sights and sounds of our scenic town. Ocean Odyssey has […]

    • A Thousand Words Photo Essay

      The Knysna Estuary

      They often say that a picture is worth ‘A Thousand Words’, so we thought it would be a great idea to start a blog series of photo essays with this title, in order to convey both the beauty and the diverse web of life that one can expect when visiting Knysna and booking a trip out with Ocean Odyssey. All images […]