Ocean Odyssey’s Nature Guides

Ocean Odyssey's Nature Guides
Ocean Odyssey's Nature Guides
Ocean Odyssey is committed to giving our visitors a holistic and educational experience.

Ocean Odyssey is dedicated to showcasing Knysna’s unparalleled beauty and diversity of marine life and our approach to this has always been a holistic one. We understand that people visiting our region are interested in learning as much as possible about the various facets which define it. With this in mind, our tours have been thoughtfully designed to include a comprehensive narrative, so that our guests leave enriched by the visual splendour and enlightened by what they have learned. In order to effectively relate the various complexities which make up our region, several of our staff members (Evelyn and Stephan Pepler, Lucy Van Eyk and Johannes Pikaan) are now accredited Nature Guides after having completed an official Whale Watching Nature Site Guide (Level 2) course. The curriculum includes 15 different modules which covers the following subjects:

  • Industry Overview

  • History and Demographics of South Africa

  • Geography, Flora and Fauna of South Africa

  • The Southern African Coastline

  • Climate and Weather

  • Ocean Currents

  • Marine Life

  • Common Coastal and Sea Birds

  • Cetaceans and Behaviour

  • The Baleen Whales (Mysticetes)

  • The Toothed Whales (Odontocetes)

  • History of Whaling

  • Environmental Aspects

  • Conservation and Threats

  • The Night Sky

  • Facts and Fiction, Fables and Legends

  • Working with Tourists

  • Tour Guiding Principles

Whilst our seasonal close encounter Whale Watching tours obviously have a strong emphasis on our migratory whale species, which include the humpback and southern right whales (baleen whales), our Nature Guides also relay many other interesting tidbits about both Knysna and its diverse marine environment. Our Marine Eco Tours have a strong focus on the various dolphin species which can be seen year round, the huge diversity of bird life common to the area, the unique geological Table Mountain sandstone formations which characterise our coastline, as well as the pressing threats that our marine environment is currently facing, such as plastic pollution and endangered wildlife.

In order to practice as a Tour Guide or Nature Guide, standard Tour Guiding Principles need to be adhered to and each accredited guide at Ocean Odyssey has submitted a signed copy of the Tour Guide Code of Conduct and Ethics when registering as a Tour Guide. The Ocean Odyssey staff strives to share with visitors from both South Africa and all corners of the globe all the wonders of our area and are always happy to answer any questions that may arise. Our hope is that you leave enriched and informed by the experience.