Other Marine Species

Cape Clawless Otters

Cape clawless otters – also known as African clawless Otters – are shy residents of the banks of the Knysna Estuary, the Goukamma river mouth, the Noetzie river mouth, and other, similar habitats. We consider ourselves extremely lucky when we do spot one of these pretty, furry little fellows. And you will, too!

Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus)

Also referred to as the South African fur seal or the brown fur seal, this endemic mammal species is the largest of any fur seal and very common all along our coastline. They have a broad head and pointed snout. They feed mostly on bony fish, but also crustaceans and often birds. For decades they were commercially hunted until a ban was implemented in 1990 and since then their numbers have dramatically increased and there are several thriving colonies along our coastline. However they still face numerous threats including over fishing and a loss of habitat. The closest colony to Knysna is on the Robberg Peninsula off Plettenberg Bay, which is why we so often see them on our trips. They seem to love the protected reefs just outside the Knysna heads where they are seen basking in the sunshine with their flippers out the water in order to thermo regulate their body temperatures. Sometimes they are referred to as the ballet dancers of the ocean as they move with such agility and grace underwater.


  • Sunfish
  • Hammerhead shark
  • Great white shark