GONOW Electric Bicycles

An Eco-Tourism Adventure

Cycling is a great way to explore Knysna, as one gets to see so much more than when travelling in a vehicle. But let’s be honest, not everyone is amped to burn a gazillion sweaty calories just so that they can take in all the sights and sounds of our scenic town. Ocean Odyssey has introduced the ideal alternative with their newly acquired fleet of innovative GONOW electric bicycles – one of the fastest growing trends in urban travel.
Now you can cycle around Knysna without breaking a sweat (unless of course you want to, because there is manual setting). Self-powered and easy to ride, electric bicycles take away the hassles of getting stuck in traffic or looking for parking and they will get you pretty far on a single charge of their powerful lithium batteries.

Electric Bicycles in Knsyna

Another plus is that they are quiet and emit zero harmful emissions, an important consideration for Ocean Odyssey in their continued quest to provide visitors with eco-friendly and sustainable tourism adventure options that have minimal impact on our precious natural environment.
So with this in mind – being the tree-hugging, not-so-fit mother of a small tribe – I decided that these cool urban cruisers sounded just like my cuppa tea and so I rounded up my troops (aged 10, 12 and 13 years) and headed out for a test ride. The kids were beaming right from the start, and we were amazed at how much distance we could cover with so little effort. We made our way towards the Knysna Heads, taking the paved pathway that skirts the Knysna Estuary. En-route we took a slow meander around Leisure Island, a quaint, leafy suburb surrounded entirely by the estuary. We then headed towards the Knysna Heads lookout point. To get there you have to navigate a seriously steep road and I was beyond grateful that I didn’t have struggle up that hill unassisted and the only thing that took my breath away was the view of Knysna’s gorgeous liquid expanse which unfolded before me!!

We spent several thoroughly enjoyable hours cruising around Knysna before making our way back to Thesen Island’s Harbour Town. Kids gave their outing a big thumbs up and I can definitely recommend this fun and eco-friendly way to soak up the scenes of our beautiful town.
(Their bikes are suitable for ages 12 and older, so it is a perfect activity for families with older children (we do have one smaller bike for children under 12). The bicycles have locks, so if you want to get off and have lunch or a refreshment somewhere, you can do that at leisure.)