Spirit of Knysna

Seek out the Spirit of Knysna

Several weeks ago a video was launched as part of Knysna Tourism’s latest destination marketing campaign. Dubbed the #SpiritofKnysna, the video was filmed in several locations across the Greater Knysna Area by local filmmaker¬†Daron Chatz and it boasts an original soundtrack composed and recorded by local musician Tigger Reunert. Both the visuals and the narrative of the video seek to reveal to the viewer what it is that makes Knysna so unique and so utterly alluring.

Needless to say, this so called ‘Spirit of Knysna’ means different things to different people. Some are grateful to have such exquisite natural beauty right on their doorstep; others seek it out as as an exhilarating playground for adventure, while for others the Spirit of Knysna is its passionate and close-knit community

We could wax lyrical forever about how awesome Knysna is, but we won’t. We’d like to just whet your appetite and entice you to seek out the #SpiritofKnysna for yourself.

  • Every winter hundreds of whales swim past our Knysna coastline during their epic migration, and we take visitors out to sea through the Knysna heads to enjoy a game of hide and seek. They hide and we seek, and we are good at it. Sometimes however, the curious ones seek us out, and come up to the boat for a closer look, which is a truly unforgettable experience. Some days we get really lucky and they treat us to mesmerising above the surface acrobatic displays. It is definitely one for the bucket-list (Oh, and all year round we are afforded the delight of watching dolphins frolic and gambol in these ocean depths.)

    Whale watching Knysna, Lisa Leslie Photography

  • If you are into watery pursuits, look no further, because the Greater Knysna Area is covered with the stuff. We have a huge estuary (1,827 hectares in total) that is in constant union with the big blue. There are several tributaries which feed into the Knysna River, which in turn delivers millions of cubic metres worth of cola-coloured mountain water into the Knysna Estuary every year. We have sweeping beaches as far as the eye can see. A great surfing and swimming beach at Buffalo Bay. Further westward we have the Goukamma River which is perfect for paddling. Then there is the Groenvlei Lake, the Swartvlei Lake and lagoon. Trust me, there is enough of the liquid stuff to keep all those fishing, surfing, sailing, paddling water addicts happy forever.


  • If you are a terra firma adventure addict nutjob that enjoys burning a gazillion calories in a day, there is plenty opportunity to do so throughout Knysna, due to its rich and varied topography. Our region boasts a vast network of hiking, trail running and mountain biking trails that lead you through some of the most exquisite natural landscapes imaginable, and which promise to leave you breathless in more ways than one.

    Knysna Adventure

  • There are several iconic species that we consider our Knysna spirit animals. One of them is the Knysna Seahorse, which is really small and rather dull in colour and hard to find as they are so well camouflaged. But we really love them because they are kinda cute and also incredibly rare since they are only found in three estuaries in the world (our Knysna Estuary, Swartvlei Estuary and the Keurbooms). They serve as an indicator species too, so if their populations are not thriving, then we know that something is not lekker with the health of the environment! (We also get a kick out of the fact that males are the ones that get pregnant!) Our other iconic spirit animal is the legendary Knysna Elephant. They were hunted to near extinction, but fortunately a small population still finds sanctuary in our vast indigenous forests and the slopes beyond. However, despite their rather hefty size, they are light footed, perfectly camouflaged, elusive and therefore rarely seen. Occasionally however, hikers will happen upon a steaming pile of fresh dung, positive proof that they are still around.

    Visit Knysna

  • There is plenty to keep all those hedonists out there happy. Several establishments offer sublime views coupled with great food and many offer freshly shucked oysters which can be quaffed down with a glass of champers or two. You can also head to one of our local micro breweries and sample their various golden nectars.

  • One of the things we definitely recommend people do while visiting Knysna – is nothing. Yes, nothing. Take time out to merely sit on a beach, on the banks of a meandering river, or in a verdant forest, and just simply be. Connect your spirit with nature and you will leave Knysna with your soul revived and you will feel an incredible lightness of being.

    Spirit of Knysna