Why You Should Definitely Visit Knysna During Winter

Winter Time in Paradise

Winter has arrived. But it is not the time to simply curl up in the foetal position under a blankie on the couch to binge-watch Netflix in anticipation for the balmy, carefree days of summer to return. Nope, life is short and there is much to see and do in the Greater Knysna region during the winter. So much in fact, that we have compiled a list of good reasons to get you out from underneath the duvet. We hope to inspire you to don your winter woollies and get out there and explore.


#1: The whales are here

On top of our list (surprise, surprise) of reasons to visit Knysna during winter is that the ocean adjacent to our extensive coastline is a migratory whale highway during this time. The two migratory whale species – the southern right whale and humpback whale – will be cruising past our coastline in epic numbers throughout the winter and right into spring. We are the only permitted whale watching company in the Knysna area privileged enough to have the opportunity to take people through the Knysna Heads and into the magical Indian Ocean for close encounters with these leviathans of the deep. Not only do we see whales, but we see dolphins, seals, penguins, and a host of pelagic and seabirds.

#2: Cooler days of winter are perfect for hiking.

Our temperate climate boasts splendid days coupled with azure skies and whilst the evenings and mornings are a tad chilly, the days can be outright sublime. Visitors to this region have an insane number of hikes from which to choose…from mountain tops, to forests, to the fringes of our indigo blue sea and a mosaic of natural habitats in between. We are really spoilt for choice around here.


#3: Winter time is festival time in Knysna.

The annual Knysna Oyster Festival will take place this year from 21 June – 30 June 2019 in the Greater Knysna. This legendary sports and lifestyle festival will once again boast a number of incredible events offering sports lovers, families and adventurers a chance to experience some of South Africa’s most spectacular natural scenery and enjoy some good cheer at the same time. So, whether you are an adventure addict, sports mad, family orientated or just a hedonist looking for a good time, this fest has something for everyone.

(There is also the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras, Knysna Timber Festival, Knysna Motor Show and much more!)



 #4. Low season means better rates!

There are great deals on all types of accommodation and adventure packages during the low season, so this is the time for those on a budget to make their way to paradise. Winter is also a good time to beat the crowds if you’re adverse to swarms of peeps. Think long walks on never-ending beaches with only a few souls in sight. (heavenly thought isn’t it)

#5: Winter Sunsets.

Seriously, #nofilternecessary here. The fiery winter sunsets of the Garden Route will light up your Instagram feed without the need for filters. The sky’s winter artistry serves to make the region’s picturesque landscapes even more flippen beautiful than they already are. So whether you are a keen photographer or just a mere mortal in love with sunsets, this is the place to be during winter.